How to Find the Right Tattoo Artist: 5 Top Tips


If you’re excited to get a new tattoo, you’re not alone! Getting inked is an excellent way to honor your family member or symbolize a memory near your heart.

While an excellent way to express your unique personality, getting a tattoo is a permanent and vital decision. So, it’s essential to research before you choose a tattoo studio and artist to create your desired design.

There are multiple considerations when selecting a tattoo artist, so we’ll make this easy with our top five tips. Let’s jump right in! 

Know What You Want

Over 12% of people with at least one tattoo feel unsatisfied or unhappy with their tattoo. The primary reason behind this is individuals receiving a tattoo they didn’t ask for or doesn’t match their style.

Whether you’d like to explore options or have a clear picture in mind, you won’t get a good tattoo unless your artist understands it. And this requires a particular set of skills and experience!

So, before you make an appointment at the nearest tattoo studio, ensure the artist is well-versed in the different tattooing techniques to put your design into action. Besides this, you’ll want to determine the placement and budget of your tattoo to ensure you can afford your desired artist.

Do Your Research

If you’ve spent a day thinking about getting a tattoo, you’ve likely seen images and reels on Instagram and Pinterest. Many tattoo studios and artists use social media apps to showcase their skill sets and create live portfolios.

So, start your research by assessing tattoo artists’ social media pages. You can narrow your hunt using specific geotags or hashtags based on your style, tattoo location, or techniques.

Ask the Right Questions

Whether you’re getting your first or fiftieth tattoo, it’s essential to ask the relevant questions from the studio and artists. We recommend jotting down your queries regarding the tattoo artist, their experience and skill, the cost, and the time required.

Get Recommendations

Word-of-mouth is still an excellent marketing tool. So, before you visit your local tattoo studio, consider asking your family and friends with tattoos for recommendations. Since they’ve already gotten a tattoo, they’re familiar with the process and can guide you to a reputable and skilled artist.

If your friends and family members don’t have tattoos, you can ask someone with a cool tattoo in public. Most people are happy to discuss their tattoos and will point you in the right direction!

Besides, you can visit the tattoo artists’ website and social media profiles to check customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings and contact past customers!

Don’t Rush!

Most importantly, don’t rush! Find and compare tattoo studios and artists to find one that matches your needs and style.

Moreover, remember that most top artists book in advance, so start researching your options today!

Bonus: Making Sure the Tattoo Studio is Safe

In addition to evaluating the ambiance and aesthetic of a tattoo studio, it’s essential to ensure its interior is clean and hygienic. During your hunt, visit the different tattoo studios to ensure they’re well-maintained, sanitary, and up-to-standard.

The Bottom Line

Getting a tattoo can be exciting but daunting, mainly if it’s your first time. So, prepare yourself by researching and assessing multiple tattoo studios and artists.

Ensure you follow the five tips to find reputable, certified, and experienced tattoo artists specializing in the techniques necessary for inking your tattoo. In addition, ask as many questions as you like from tattoo artists to determine who best answers your queries.

Furthermore, remember to take your time to ensure you feel confident in your decision!