How Much Does a Tattoo Cost?

Tattoos are a popular form of self-expression, allowing you to convey your journey in life and individuality. While this beautiful body art is an excellent way to make a statement, it requires a fair share of research on the design, color, artist, location, and parlor.

Moreover, before you walk into the nearest tattoo studio, you must plan your budget. To help you start saving for your dream tattoo, we’ve created a comprehensive guide breaking down the costs of different tattoo types!

Further in the article, we’ll delve into the various factors affecting the total expense of a tattoo:

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Tattoo

The price of a tattoo varies based on the artist’s complexity, size, and pace. Most artists give an hourly fee but avoid haggling over the price because it devalues their work.

The Tattoo’s Size and Detail

Size is one of the most essential factors in tattoo pricing. Depending on it, you may pay a fixed fee, an hourly cost, or a half or full-day payment. Larger tattoos inherently take longer to complete than smaller ones and frequently require more design work.

The Tattoo’s Color and Materials

Inking a tattoo in full color can make the design more challenging since the tattoo artist has to think about where to position the colors and how to combine them to achieve the desired look. When designing a full-color tattoo instead of a grayscale, the artist has many more artistic options.

The Artist’s Technique

Some tattoo artists from different cultures continue to use more conventional, antiquated techniques in their work. These approaches and tools, which most contemporary artists worldwide have little experience using or implementing them.

The Artist’s Skill and Experience

The level of popularity and experience of your tattoo artist will significantly impact your tattoo’s cost. Consider the work of several tattoo artists unless you have your heart set on a specific artist.

A Comprehensive Breakdown: How Much Does Each Type of Tattoo Cost?

Lip or Face Tattoo

Depending on the artist, the prices of freckles, lip liner, and eyeliner range from $500 to $3000.

Finger Tattoo

These might range from $50 to $100 for a simple outline design. However, if you want anything with fine detail or exceptionally sharp lines, be ready to pay up to $500.

Forearm Tattoo

Depending on size, color, and design, a forearm tattoo costs between $250 and $1300. It is less expensive and half as long as a full sleeve. The price will always be more for full color and lower for plain letters or outlines.

Sleeve Tattoo

Stretching from the wrist to the shoulder, these can cost you between $2000 and $4000 for an outline-only version, while a full-color version can cost more than $6000. It can take the artist over two days in long periods or several shorter sessions.

Full Back Tattoo

If you want something intricate, colorful, and detailed, the outlining may run you between $250 and $5,000, and adding color could cost another $100 to $200. Be sure to add in the 40–55 total hours of effort when calculating expenditures.

Shoulder Tattoo

Standard shoulder caps, or the area around the circumference of your shoulder, start at roughly $800 or $850 and go up from there.

Chest Tattoo

These can range in price from $600-$2,000 depending on the size, color, shading, and, of course, the artist’s level of expertise. Depending on your design, they can take anywhere between 6 and 10 hours to complete.

Hip or Thigh Tattoo

If you want a full-color tattoo, it will cost you between $1500 and $2000 for a standard-size hip or thigh tattoo.

Ankle Tattoo

Depending on your desired features, the price range for a basic ankle tattoo is $50–250.

Full Body Tattoo

The full body is an option if you want to wholly and firmly commit to the tattoo world. This can set you back $100,000 or more from head to toe.

The Bottom Line

People often use tattoos to express their individuality and life experiences. Depending on the size, level of detail, style, aptitude, and location of the tattoo artist, a tattoo can be pricey. The price of a tattoo might vary depending on the size, complexity, artist’s talent, and the studio’s location. Planning your spending before going to a tattoo parlor is crucial for a profitable and cheap experience.